Installing and activating desktop Designer

Use desktop Designer to design, edit, and print your labels. In desktop Designer, you can drag and drop text, barcodes, and picture objects onto your label templates and connect your objects with the data you already use.


To print and see your printers in Control Center, you must connect your desktop Designer.

When you successfully activate your NiceLabel Cloud:

  1. Download NiceLabel Designer (desktop Designer) installation file from Control Center and install the application.

  2. Activate desktop Designer.

  3. Make a test print from desktop Designer.

Install desktop Designer on the computer where your printers are connected.

Downloading and installing desktop Designer

  1. In Control Center, go to your Dashboard and click Download Designer 10.

  2. When your download completes, go to the Downloads folder on your computer and run NiceLabel installation (.exe) file.

  3. Complete the installation wizard.


When the installation wizard asks you to select your modules, you can install NiceLabel Automation as a free trial. This step is optional. To work properly, NiceLabel Cloud doesn't need Automation.

Automation is an application that automates repetitive tasks.

Learn more about Automation on NiceLabel Help center.


When installation completes, activate desktop Designer.

Activating Designer and connecting to NiceLabel Cloud

  1. Run Designer on your computer.

  2. The Sign in window opens. Click Sign in.



    If you accidentally change or delete text in the edit field, your activation will fail. Type "designer" in the edit field, then click Sign in.

  3. Your browser opens automatically. Sign in to NiceLabel Cloud.

  4. When you sign in, return to desktop Designer.

  5. Your activation is complete. Click OK.


When your activation completes, Designer opens automatically.

Desktop Designer is now installed and activated, connected to NiceLabel Cloud, and you can see your list of printers in Control Center.

Test printing from desktop Designer

Print a test label to make sure your desktop Designer works correctly.

  1. Open desktop Designer.

  2. Create a new label. See how to create a new label in the New label setup wizard topic.

  3. Click Print. Your test label prints.



    Be careful which printer you use for test printing. Each time you print to a different physical or virtual (XPS, PDF) printer, you use one printer seat.

    Read more about printer seats.

You successfully installed, activated, and connected desktop Designer. You are ready to reserve printers in Control Center.


See how to design and print labels in desktop Designer in the NiceLabel 10 User Guide.

Next, see Reserving your printers in Control Center.