About NiceLabel Cloud Designer

This Getting started guide helps you set up your NiceLabel Cloud Designer labeling environment.

NiceLabel Cloud Designer helps small to midsize businesses or your growing company securely design and print labels. Use Cloud Designer to print remotely on any printer connected to a computer with a desktop Designer installed. Computers with desktop Designer must be connected to Control Center.

Cloud Designer uses printer-seat-based licensing. That means printer seats determine how many printers you can print to at a time.


To avoid exceeding your printer seat limit when testing your software, read our Licensing topic.

When you buy Cloud Designer, you decide how many printer seats you want on your license. You can start with just one printer seat or buy more later (up to five).


If you need more than five printer seats, contact our sales team or your Loftware partner to upgrade your product.

To prevent setup problems with Cloud Designer, activate Control Center and desktop Designer:

  • Control Center is a cloud-based application that allows you to share and store your labeling files and print labels. Control Center connects all printers of all users who have their desktop Designer connected to Control Center.


    Your Control Center address is https://designer.onnicelabel.com.

  • Desktop Designer is an application for designing and printing labels. Install desktop Designer on your computer and connect it to Control Center. In Control Center, you can see all your printers connected to your desktop Designer.

Before you install and run Cloud Designer applications, check your System requirements.