[en] Decrease line spacing in Rich text box

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[en] Problem

[en] When using a Rich text box (RTF), you would like to print as much text as possible by decreasing line spacing. You set the line spacing to the lowest available value in RTF properties, but the line spacing is still too high.

[en] Solution

[en] You can edit your RTF code and manually set a lower value for the line spacing.

  1. [en] Open the Rich text box Properties and click Edit content on the Source tab.

  2. [en] Rich Text Box Editor opens. Select your text, then click the Line Spacing icon. Select the value 1.5. Then click OK.

  3. [en] Line spacing now increases. This way RTF code generates values for the line spacing you can edit.

    [en] In the Rich text box Properties enable the option Show RTF code. Here you can manually edit line spacing parameters. Search for \ql\sl360 string. 360 is a value that represents 1.5 line spacing value in the NiceLabel RTF properties.


    [en] Find and replace values 360 with values smaller than 240. For example, use 160.

[en] Line spacing now decreases, and you can put more text in the same Rich text box.

[en] Here is the example with the smallest NiceLabel setting 1.0 (left) and with edited RTF code where line spacing values are set to 160 (right):