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[en] Release interval

[en] Major releases occur on a 2 to 3-year interval. Between two major releases, minor releases typically occur twice per year. Service releases can become available ahead of schedule if needed.

[en] End of sale

[en] General end of sale status for a major version occurs after it is superseded by a new major version. After this date, we sell licenses for such versions only to support the existing users.

[en] End of support

[en] We offer general support for current and previous major versions. Support for a major version is available up to 3 years after reaching its general end of sale status.

[en] After reaching the end of support status, there are no more upgrade pricing promotions available for the products.

[en] Customers using the NiceLabel Cloud SaaS platform get continuous software updates as they become available. They benefit from an always up-to-date and fully supported platform.

[en] Support for out of service software versions

[en] We advise customers to always use the latest software. SMA customers with LMS software editions receive limited best effort support even after general support for their version of NiceLabel products discontinues. The NiceLabel support advises on the issues and possible resolutions which might include advising to upgrade to a newer version of NiceLabel products since we don't maintain older versions.