[en] Using too many printers

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[en] Problem

[en] Your license determines how many printers you can use. When you exceed your printer limit, you get a warning in your NiceLabel applications.

[en] Solution

[en] You can keep printing, and your production doesn't stop. For a short time, you can use up to double your printer limit for testing purposes or non-intentional printer usage. Unused printers are automatically removed from your list after seven days.

[en] To see your list of printers in NiceLabel Desktop Designer, go to File > Options > Printer usage.


[en] You can't manually delete printers from your list.

[en] To keep from exceeding the number of used printers in the future, also check actions in your NiceLabel solutions:

  • [en] Print Label

  • [en] Set Printer

  • [en] Send Data To Printer

  • [en] Define Printer Settings

  • [en] Set Print Parameter

[en] For more information, read Lizenzierte Drucker zählen and [en] Printer usage and your license.

[en] If your problem is critical, contact our sales team to activate a 30-day trial license with more printer seats. To use a trial license, deactivate your existing license on all computers running NiceLabel software.