[en] NiceLabel Desktop Designer or Automation crashes unexpectedly

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[en] Problem

[en] NiceLabel and Automation are .NET applications and do not crash under normal circumstances. On rare occasions, your Desktop Designer or Automation might crash with the exit code 80131506.

[en] These are the reasons for the crash:

  • [en] Corrupted or old printer driver.

  • [en] Some low-level API call caused by the NiceLabel application.

  • [en] Bug in .NET

[en] Solution

[en] To resolve the issue:

  • [en] Update your printer drivers. You can download the latest Loftware drivers. Also, update non-Loftware printer drivers.

  • [en] Use the latest .NET engine.

  • [en] Create a new Windows user that runs NiceLabel applications.

[en] If the issue persists, contact our support team.