[en] Printing the same label design on printers with different orientations or rotations.

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[en] Problem

[en] You have two different kinds of printers. Printer A prints landscape-oriented labels. Printer B prints portrait-oriented labels.

[en] Label orientation is a label design property, and for such printing, you use two label files with the same design but different label properties, which is inconvenient.

[en] Solution

[en] To avoid additional label designs for printing both portrait and landscape orientations, you can print with Designer PowerForms or Automation using only one label design.

[en] To create a solution for printing both orientations:

  1. [en] Add a new variable to your solution. For example, rotation.

  2. [en] Set Initial value for your new variable. Enter XML data about your label settings.


    [en] The syntax for XML content in your variable:


    [en] x_dimension and y_dimension: Label width and height in Units of measure defined in Label Properties. For example, 100


    [en] Orientation: Landscape/Portrait

    [en] Rotated: True/False

    [en] See the graphical explanation about orientation and rotation in Label Properties > Paper.



    [en] You can add additional Label Settings XML options. See the NiceLabel Automation user guide, section Sample Label settings XML.

  3. [en] Open your Designer PowerForms or Automation solution and add the action Set Print Parameter.


    [en] In Designer PowerForms create two separate Print buttons. Add Set Print Parameter action to the button where you want to print rotated labels.

  4. [en] Expand Show advanced print parameters.

  5. [en] Enable Data source in Label settings. Select your orientation/rotation variable.

  6. [en] Click OK.

[en] When you press the Print button with the Set Print Parameter action in Designer PowerForms or execute the action in Automation, your labels print with orientation/rotation different from your label design.