[en] Error Installing Control Center - The User Owns Objects in the Database and Cannot be Dropped

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[en] Problem

[en] When you try to install Control Center, you might see the error message:

The user owns objects in the database and cannot be dropped

[en] Situation:

  • [en] You already installed Control Center.

  • [en] It is not clear if you removed the old Control Center (and kept the database), or if you made an upgrade.

  • [en] When Control Center tries to install the database to the SQL server, the task fails.

  • [en] The installer fails at a point when the scripts inside SQL are executing.

  • [en] The error happens when scripts try to remove the EPM_USER or EPM_DBADMIN user while the username is still connected to the database.

  • [en] The user is being deleted during the database creation (not during the upgrade), while the SQL database still contains some data from the previously installed Control Center.

[en] Solution

[en] Use the following two SQL statements to find out what the Control Center users still present in the database, then remove those objects:

select * from sysobjects where uid = suser_id('SQLSERVER\EPM_DBADMIN')
select * from sysobjects where uid = suser_id('SQLSERVER\EPM_USER')

[en] Replace SQLSERVER with the actual name of the SQL server.