[en] Understanding data flow and communication with Control Center

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[en] Problem

[en] NiceLabel Control Center is a Web-based application that collects information about different (usually) label-printing events from the connected workstations. Depending on the NiceLabel software edition, it can also manage local printer queues and provide printer statuses.

[en] The data flow between your Control Center and workstations depends on the stability of your network.

[en] Control Center and the workstations exchange information, such as:

  • [en] Licenses: NiceLabel application takes a license from Control Center each time you open NiceLabel software and returns the license when you close NiceLabel software.

  • [en] Files from the Documents storage: if you host your solution files in the Documents storage, each time the file is requested, it copies to the workstation. NiceLabel works with the local copy.

  • [en] Information about NiceLabel events: for each type of event the status update can be sent to Control Center. You can control what type of updates are sent to Control Center, e.g. information, error, warning, etc.

  • [en] Information about print job events: you can track the live statuses of the printed jobs, e.g. processing > spooling > spooled > printing > printed.

  • [en] Information about statuses for printers installed on the workstations: if you have bidirectional support enabled in Loftware drivers, you can see the live statuses of your label printers.

[en] You can configure the flow of information and decide what the workstation sends to your Control Center.

[en] Solution

[en] The Control Center listens to two ports.

[en] Port 8080 TCP

[en] This is the port to access the Document Storage. The Document Storage contains your solution files that are accessible over WebDAV technology, also with the following link \\<server>:8080\davwwwroot. Port 8080 is only used when you have some files in the Document Storage and they must be downloaded to the client before you can use them. If you do not have the files in the Document Storage, there is no traffic to port 8080. If you want to move the Document Storage to a different port after the installation, see the Knowledge base article Changing Document Storage Port 8080.

[en] Port 80 TCP

[en] This is the main port for communication with the Control Center. Control Center always installs as a virtual directory below the Default Web Site. Control Center must be accessible as http://<server>/EPM, or licensing will not work.

[en] This port exchanges:

  • [en] Licenses

  • [en] Data logging

  • [en] Data when browsing Control Center using an internet browser

[en] By default, each workstation sends:

  • [en] Status updates for NiceLabel processing: events, errors, etc.

  • [en] Status updates for print jobs: information like “processing”, “spooling”, “spooled”, “printing”, “printed”

[en] You can request your data/actions from your Control Center. Commands are sent to the workstations.

  • [en] When you go to Control Center > Print Management, a request is sent to each workstation. Control Center then displays a reply with all printers and their statuses. Such request is only sent to the connected workstations and then subsequently every minute as long the page is open.

  • [en] When you use the reprinting feature in Control Center, Control Center sends a request to the target workstation and commands it to reprint labels.