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[en] Problem

[en] Use Python to enhance the abilities and performance of NiceLabel software. Typically, you would use scripting to implement some computation algorithms, such as check-digit algorithms, or to add decision-making into your labels or solutions.

[en] NiceLabel installation includes embedded IronPython that allows you to use both Python modules and .NET assemblies in your code. If you want to use the non-standard Python modules, install desktop Python on your computer.

[en] Check also this KB article.

[en] Solution

[en] Install two components: Python core and Python for Windows extension (PyWin32).

  1. [en] Close NiceLabel.

  2. [en] Go to the Python download page. Download version 2.7.X, (not version 3).

  3. [en] Download 32-bit Python for Windows Extensions for Python 2.7.

  4. [en] Install Python 2.7.

  5. [en] Install PyWin32 extensions.


[en] Python and PyWin32 should be both the same bitness (32 bit or 64 bit).