[en] Removing USB printer drivers

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[en] Problem

[en] When you delete your USB drivers from your system, the printer icon is removed, but the driver still remains on the system. The next time you plug the same USB printer, the existing driver is used, but you want to install some other driver for your printer.

[en] Solution

[en] Use the Microsoft PnP Utility to remove the USB driver from the system.

  1. [en] Click Start menu (or press <Ctrl> + <Esc>).

  2. [en] Type in Command Prompt and run the command prompt with the administrative permissions.

  3. [en] Run pnputil with the parameter -e and press <Enter>.

    pnputil -e
  4. [en] The USB drivers installed on your system are listed.

  5. [en] Find the USB driver you want to remove.

  6. [en] Run pnputil again with the parameter –d and name of the .INF file you want to remove.

    pnputil –d oem0.inf

[en] Now you can install a new driver.