[en] Error when adding new driver package to Printers in Control Center

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[en] Problem

[en] When you try to add a new driver package to Printers in Control Center, you get the error message:

[en] The driver package (.exe) is corrupted or is not a genuine driver package. Use only drivers published by NiceLabel, Euro Plus d.o.o. or Loftware.


[en] The error occurs because of incompatibility between Control Center V10.3 (and older editions), and Loftware drivers 10.5.2 (and newer editions).

[en] The bug will be fixed in the upcoming Control Center releases.

[en] Solution

[en] Download Loftware drivers 10.5.1 or older edition from our printer drivers download page.

  1. [en] Go to https://drivers.loftware.com/.

  2. [en] In the Search term edit field, select your printer package.

  3. [en] The printer driver download page opens. Click the Release Notes & Previous Builds tab, then select the printer driver version 10.5.1 or older.

[en] The downloaded printer driver package is compatible with Control Center V10.3 (or older), and you can add the package to Printers in Control Center without an error.