[en] Fix issues with Automation loading

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[en] Problem

[en] You are trying to run your configuration in Automation Manager, but the configuration loading freezes, showing only the throbber icon.

[en] Solution

[en] There are different causes for the issue:

  • [en] You try to print to a PDF, XPS, or similar printer that prompts you for a file name and path.

    [en] Automation runs as a Service and doesn't allow user interventions. Use Automation actions Redirect Printing to PDF or Print PDF document (available with Automation Enterprise license).

  • [en] The database connection on your label file is invalid.

    [en] Fix the database connection in NiceLabel Desktop Designer.

  • [en] Printer driver is corrupted.

    [en] Open printer driver properties and see if you get an error message. Then reinstall the printer driver.

  • [en] Printer driver on a shared printer is updating.

    [en] Update your locally installed printer driver to the same version as the shared printer.