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[en] Ready for Windows 10/Windows 10 Certification

[en] NiceLabel 2017 has achieved Windows 10 certification. This ensures that NiceLabel applications are compatible with Windows 10 now and will remain so in the future.

[en] Multi-user Licensing Enabled for Large-scale Networks

[en] Multi-user licenses (such as those used for NiceLabel LMS Enterprise or NiceLabel PowerForms Suite products) are no longer locked to a single domain. If you set up security across multiple domains using the trust relationship in Active Directory, you can share the same multi-user license across these domains.

[en] With LMS products, all users benefit from using the same Control Center. They all work with the same document management system and use the same history event consolidation system.

[en] NiceLabel 2017 Label Converter

[en] The free label converter utility is now available from the NiceLabel website. It allows for the automatic conversion of batches of labels created using NiceLabel V5 or V6 in .LBL to the new 2017 .NLBL format. This helps customers ensure their migration readiness and streamline the migration process.

[en] Localized NiceLabel 2017 Documents

[en] NiceLabel 2017 documentation (built-in help, user guides, and installation guides) is now available in multiple languages, including Chinese (Simplified)*, English, French, German, Italian, and Spanish.

[en] * NiceLabel 2017 Designer help and user guide, and NiceLabel 2017 installation guide only.