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[en] New in .NET API: SaveAs Method for ILabel Interface


[en] .NET API is available in PowerForms Suite and LMS editions.

[en] NiceLabel Print Engine exposes a new method named SaveAs in the ILabel interface.

[en] Use the new method to:

  • [en] Save the document after changing some of the properties programmatically, such as a database connection string or table name.

  • [en] Save a legacy NiceLabel 6 (.LBL) label template to the NiceLabel 2017 (.NLBL) file format.

  • [en] Convert the .LBL and .NLBL files into solution file format (.NLSN).

[en] NiceLabel SDK

[en] NiceLabel SDK on the 2017 platform is now available for Developer partners. SDK is a standalone version of .NET API with a streamlined distribution model for software vendors. Visit the NiceLabel web page or consult your NiceLabel sales representative to learn more.