[en] New in Label Management System

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[en] Windows Server 2012 R2 is no longer supported

[en] The software system requirements have changed for the NiceLabel software installation.

[en] While Microsoft still supports this operating system with Extended Security Updates for a few more years, NiceLabel no longer supports the operating system Windows Server 2012 R2.

[en] Microsoft SQL Server 2016 or above is required for the Control Center

[en] The software system requirements have changed for the NiceLabel Control Center installation.

[en] You need Microsoft SQL Server 2016 or newer to install the system database for the NiceLabel Control Center and the NiceLabel Web Printing components.


[en] If you currently use Control Center with previous releases of Microsoft SQL Server, you need to upgrade the SQL Server before you can upgrade the NiceLabel software.

[en] The application server feature is no longer supported

[en] The “application server” feature was removed from the on-premise product NiceLabel LMS Enterprise. It provided support for Microsoft RemoteApp functionality where you could configure Windows to run NiceLabel Designer on the server and display just the application's window on the user’s computer. The functionality was difficult to set up and required additional Microsoft licenses.

[en] NiceLabel Cloud products offer a much better user experience running NiceLabel client locally and integrated directly with the Cloud-based Document Storage.

[en] Configurable execution timeout in DBTool

[en] DBTool is an advanced installation tool for the installation of the NiceLabel Control Center database for on-premise NiceLabel LMS products. We added the configuration parameter to support a configurable SQL execution timeout.

[en] In busy network environments and busy Microsoft SQL Servers, the execution of SQL scripts might fail because the default execution timeout has been exceeded. The installation fails and the error message appears.

[en] The new configuration parameter allows you to define a custom timeout period.