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[en] ANSI MH.10.8.2 (ASC) function update

[en] The ANSI MH10.8.2 standard received the update on May 11, 2022.

[en] The updated version of the standard defines the following new data identifiers: 25V, 32Q, 55P.

[en] Updated support for GS1-128 standard

[en] The GS1 published the agreed changes to the GS1 General Specifications. NiceLabel software supports a new Application Identifier AI 4309 for Ship-to / Deliver-to GEO location.

[en] Support for "bar width reduction/pixel shaving" in 2D codes

[en] NiceLabel already added the bar width reduction/pixel shaving support for 1D barcodes in the 10.0 release. The 10.2 release adds support for 2D codes.

[en] Bar width reduction or pixel shaving is a method of adjusting the graphics output of barcodes to compensate for press gain. The press gain (also known as the ink spread) is a common cause of poor barcode performance. When you print with an inkjet printer, the barcode is produced from tiny drops of ink. As the ink drops are sprayed on the media, they dry quickly, but there is often some time for the drops to spread a little bit before they set permanently, causing the elements to be slightly larger than intended. This can result in barcodes not printing within specifications.

[en] Label Converter updates

[en] The Label Converter has been updated to better support the conversion of Codesoft labels.

  • [en] Importing of inline variables in the text was improved, when a user creates a new text in Codesoft and maps a variable by drag & drop.

  • [en] Importing text with a black background as Inverse was improved, when a user creates a new text in Codesoft and chooses white font color and black background color.

  • [en] Importing images with a variable data source, when a user creates a new image and chooses the data source to be a variable, the image data source is correctly imported as a variable.

  • [en] Importing EAN-13 barcodes, when a user sets the check digit option to 1. In NiceLabel Designer, such EAN-13 barcode has the option “Include Check Digit” enabled and set to “Verify the provided check digit”. NiceLabel will not calculate and add the check digit but still verify the provided one.