[en] Rich Text editor stops working after BarTender 2022 R4 was installed on the system

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[en] Problem

[en] You installed BarTender 2022 R4 on the same computer where you have NiceLabel Desktop Designer installed. When you try to edit Rich Text box content in NiceLabel Desktop Designer, an error occurs.

[en] Solution

[en] The problem occurs because one of the BarTender fonts conflicts with NiceLabel Desktop Designer.

[en] Uninstall one of the following fonts:

  • [en] Seagull:Foodallergyv1.0 s_fas.ttf

  • [en] Seagull:Foodallergyv1.0 s_fa_10.ttf

[en] Check the instructions about removing fonts on the Microsoft help page.

[en] After you uninstall one of the fonts, you will be able to edit Rich Text box content.